Winston Mieli
Doctor is very professional and have time to listen
Yakov Kershteyn
Doctor Dimitri practices excellently the art and science of medicine, in my opinion.
Sylvia Roose
Best doctor I ever had. Can’t say enough good things about him.
Sid Becker
Dr. Gitelmaker so professional and so responsible doctor. Great man.
Thank you Doctor
G. Patlak
Fantastic doctor! He has taken care of my family for years, and does house calls! Highly recommend.
David Feldman
Dr. Gitelmaker helped me create a realistic diet plan to reduce carbs and calorie intake. No more fad diets, just a livable plan to eat healthy and reduce my weight to my optimal healthy level. Thank you!
Charles Ramsden

Very happy with Dr. Gitelmaker. He’s very attentive and thorough.He takes the time to listen to his patients’ concerns and thoroughly explains any medical issues or treatments. He is very personable and makes an effort to get to know his patients beyond just their medical history.

In addition, the office staff at Dr. Gitelmaker’s practice are friendly and efficient. Appointments are easy to schedule, and wait times are minimal.

Overall, I highly recommend Dr. Gitelmaker as a family doctor. He is a compassionate, skilled, and thorough medical professional who truly cares about his patients’ well-being.

Jennie Levin

Dr Dimitri Gitelmaker is a wonderful Dr., he cares a lot of his patients, very understandable, the best Dr I ever had, his youth and knowledge makes me feel comfortable with his services.

Carrie Danos

Dr. Gitelmaker made me feel at home in his beautiful office. He addressed my needs and concerns patiently and carefully considered my overall well-being.

Ron J

Dr. Gitelmaker has been taking care of my parents and I for years now. If you’re looking for a new primary care physician this is the one you want to see. He actually listens and cares about fixing the core of the problem.

Matt Douglas

The best doctor I have ever seen. An excellent service. Very dedicated to his work and willing to help everyone. In addition to that, his secretary is very kind.

Camila Rodriguez

Press About GitelCare

Combining advanced technology & medical excellence

Dr. Dimitri Gitelmaker of GitelCare Offers Personalized and Comprehensive Concierge Medicine Services

A leading medical practice offering personalized and holistic healthcare services, Gitelcare’s Dr. Dimitri Gitelmaker, an esteemed obesity medicine expert, proudly announces the launch of Transform360, a comprehensive weight loss program designed to help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through physical and mental, and lifestyle factors.


Dr. Dimitri Gitelmaker Unveils Revolutionary Weight Loss Program through Concierge Medicine

n the world of healthcare, innovation and personalized care are paving the way for transformative experiences. Dr. Dimitri Gitelmaker, a renowned physician and advocate for holistic well-being, is breaking new ground with his revolutionary weight loss program.