Elite Physical

An above and beyond approach to the traditional annual physical and wellness exam

Understand your current health status, identify and address areas of concern, and get specific recommendations on actionable steps needed to take control of your health now.

We understand the frustrations and barriers that individuals face when it comes to receiving quality medical care. That’s why we’ve created our Elite Physical Program, a program that focuses on individualized patient care and providing optimal outcomes. Whether you’re dealing with a conglomerate of medical issues or simply looking for a program that puts your health front and center, we’re here to support you. The cornerstone of our program is the Elite Physical, a comprehensive 4-week program that leaves no stone unturned.

Elite Physical

4 Week Program

Complete Annual Physical Exam

Comprehensive Bloodwork Orders

Pan Optic Eye Exam


Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle Modification Recommendations

Medication Prior Authorizations

Referrals To Specialists

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A functional medicine approach to weight loss, chronic disease management, and total health transformations

Equip yourself with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to establish a strong foundation for sustainable weight loss and improved overall health.

The Transform360 is a 16 Week program designed with your long-term success in mind. This comprehensive program combines in-depth medical follow-up, personalized nutrition and fitness coaching, individualized diet planning, educational resources, and ongoing support. Our goal is to equip you with the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to establish a strong foundation for sustainable weight loss and improved overall health.


16 Week Program

Monthly Physician Follow Ups

Diet, Fitness and Lifestyle Recommendations

One on One Support Coaching

Prescription Medications (GLP-1s, etc.)

Objective data collecting and trend analysis

Tailored To Fit Multifaceted Approach

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Executive Preventive Primary Care / Concierge Program

a unique concierge medical experience promoting ideal health & wellness outcomes

Regain control of your health and make remarkable changes and vast improvements in a multifaceted long term approach to optimal health.

It’s no secret that the traditional healthcare system can sometimes fall short when it comes to providing the comprehensive care and attention we need. Our Executive Preventive Primary Care Program, a unique concierge program designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your health, can assist you in achieving remarkable changes and vast improvements in your overall health, a multifaceted approach tailored to fit your unique needs over a 52 week course. This program is for those who wish to fully commit to their optimal health.

Executive Preventive Primary Care

52 Week Program

24/7 Physician Access

Same day/ Next Day Appointments

High Complexity Care

Extended Physician Face to Face Time

Preventive Healthcare/ Weight Management Focused

Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Support

Patient Advocacy/ Direct Referrals To Specialists

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