Personalized Healthcare When You Need It Most

At Gitelcare, we believe that healthcare should be accessible, comprehensive, and focused on building strong relationships between patients and providers. That’s why we offer a Concierge Medicine Program, also known as “direct primary care” (DPC) services. Concierge medicine is a modern approach to healthcare that puts you, the patient, front and center of your medical journey. With Gitelcare Concierge, you can experience personalized healthcare like never before.

 Miami’s Leading Concierge Medicine Program

Personalized Care: Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals takes the time to listen, understand your unique needs, and develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your health goals.
Extended Appointments: Say goodbye to rushed visits. With Gitelcare DPC, you’ll have ample time to discuss your concerns, ask questions, and collaborate with your provider to make informed decisions about your health.
Enhanced Access: Enjoy the convenience of same-day or next-day appointments, as well as telemedicine options. We prioritize timely care to ensure you receive the attention you deserve, when you need it.
In House Bloodwork: Whether you wish to enjoy the convenience of bloodwork at your appointment, have high deductible insurance or no insurance coverage at all, Gitelcare offers in house laboratory testing.
Preventive Services: We emphasize the importance of preventive care, helping you stay proactive and catch potential health issues before they become major concerns. From routine check-ups to vaccinations and screenings, we’ve got you covered.
Chronic Disease Management: If you’re living with a chronic condition, our comprehensive approach to care includes ongoing monitoring, medication management, and lifestyle guidance to help you achieve optimal health and improve your quality of life.
Cost Transparency: With our straightforward pricing structure, you’ll have full visibility into the cost of your care. No surprise bills or hidden fees. Just affordable, accessible healthcare designed with your best interests in mind.
Whole-Person Care: At Gitelcare, we believe in treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. We take into account your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, offering holistic care that addresses all aspects of your health.
One on One Support Care Team: Optimal health and living requires focus on many aspects of life, most of which happens outside of the office. As a member of Gitelcare Concierge, you’ll have a dedicated Gitelcare Support Advocate to asisst who assist with nutrition, fitness, behavioral and lifestyle modification support.

Experience healthcare the way it was meant to be: personalized, accessible, and focused on you. Join Gitelcare Concierge and gain a trusted partner on your path to optimal health. To inquire on becoming a new patient in Gitelcare Concierge, please submit an inquiry through the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

    Please note: Gitelcare DPC does not replace health insurance. It is important to maintain insurance coverage for specialist visits, hospitalizations, and other services outside of primary care.